Who’s this Shawn dude?

Shawn Porter is the owner of GhostStop, creator and supplier of paranormal investigation equipment. Shawn has appeared on Travel Channel’s Ghost Hunters bringing in new tech and investigating along with TAPS. Shawn has worked with some of the most notable in the paranormal field providing technical expertise and designing custom equipment for TV shows and paranormal investigation teams around the world.

Most recently, Shawn has been featured on Ghost Brothers: Lights Out introducing new advancements in paranormal investigation tech.

In addition to helping teams worldwide, Shawn has worked with many shows as Ghost Hunters, Ghost Nation, Ghost AdventuresGhost Hunters International, Kindred Spirits, Ghost Asylum, Ghost Brothers, Portals to Hell, Trending Fear and many more. His technical expertise lead to opening GhostStop which has since become the leading provider of ghost hunting equipment around the world.

Interviews and Contributions


Shawn is a creative problem solver. Prior to working in the paranormal field his career revolved around technical design and programming combining a strong foundation of creative and function. After having a few experiences with the paranormal growing up, his interest was later fueled by a passion to explore the unknown. However, his technical expertise drives a unique perspective when analyzing situations and developing a creative ways to visualize and solve the puzzle. As an investigator, Shawn is an open-minded skeptic, looking for any and all logical and scientific explanations before ever deeming an event paranormal.

His creative background, scientific know-how and passion for the paranormal has made him a tremendous asset to the paranormal community as he continues to seek the hardest answers to the burning questions with proof.