Ghost Hunters: Who’s the New Guy?

From SyFy, “Hey, who’s the new guy? Shawn Porter is a tech designer for the team. He’s developed a new 360 degree camera that will give them an HD recording of the entire room. Cool!” –

Shawn’s First Appearance on Ghost Hunters

Shawn first appears on SyFy’s Ghost Hunters in Season 9 Episode 23, An Officer and a Gentleman. Having worked with TAPS and Ghost Hunters for many years, TAPS called on Shawn to bring in some new tech and aid in the investigation at New Brunswick Old City Hall in Georgia. Shawn introduces his newly-developed 360 camera rig to the investigation which utilizes multiple, specially-modified cameras that capture a panoramic view of the room in total darkness. It also introduces 360 laser mapping to aid in measuring any anomalies that may appear. During the investigation Shawn and Britt monitor all aspects of the investigation and the 360 rig from the TAPS van. Look for Shawn on more upcoming episodes being in more new tech designs.